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 One day you wake up and the world has completely changed. You can call for free of charge from one country to another, thanks to a mobile application, you can start selling your products without getting up from the couch, through your online store, or you can buy your shoes without having to go to a physical store.

Among many other things, we are in an accelerated change due to the health crisis situation. Some call this change the 4th industrial revolution. Others, digitalization.

This process, which for some becomes a limit, for others becomes an opportunity. And it is that, on a personal level, the technology that allows this process is there too, theoretically, make life easier. Still, not all of us have the same opportunity to learn and use such technology. However, everyone has the right to access it.

In Intermarker, we believe in people. That is why when we talk about digitalization, we like to talk about “technology used by and for people” and, without people, it is not an applicable reality.

Although it seems very common, we do not identify ourselves as a traditional Marketing Agency, but we try to go one step further. We are a team of young professionals with knowledge in the world of tourism, image, marketing and digital advertising who dream of giving opportunities to both traditional businesses that have not been able to adapt to the new reality or young entrepreneurs who want to carry out personal projects as leading companies that need, for example, audiovisual support or with their social networks.

We do not care what challenge you propose us, because we are going to shake up the whole world to make your dreams come true. And it is simply that, even if it seems obvious, we rely on a methodology that never fails: develop the entire process together with our clients.

Our values are based on personalization and knowledge. That is why we consider any project as learning in every way.

In Intermarker you can find advice from digital marketing to web development or content. That is why we focus on the strategies for your business from a global perspective and offer comprehensive or block solutions according to your preferences. We carry out web development, content creation, advertising campaign development, social media management … and all at tailor-made prices.

At this point, from Intermarker we thank you for stopping to see a piece of our dream: to help anyone who wants to succeed in the current context of “digitalization”. Welcome to our home, which is everyone’s home!

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