Creating content for web and social networks of the tourist accommodation “El Xalet del Priorat”

The Xalet del Priorat is a tourist accommodation located in Escaladei, in the region of Priorat, Catalonia. It consists of a chalet with 3 rooms, 7 beds, three bathrooms, dining hall, kitchen and a large barbecue and swimming pool overlooking the Monstant mountain range.

Managers invited friends and prepared a food. During the day we do the work.

The videos filmed with drone seek to give a better idea of the special location that this accommodation has.

  • Client:

    El Xalet del Priorat.

  • Location:

    Escaladei, El Priorat.

  • Equipment:

    Sony a7 III + Sony FE 28mm F2 + DJI Ronin S + DJI Mini 2

  • Website:

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