Development of an online store for handmade products.

Les Coses Petites is a brand that has its origin in the digital implementation to optimize the process of developing the commercial activity of the same company. From the analysis and strategic development of the organization, the brand is created, as well as the image and business structure of the same company. The communication channels and the consequent sales process are developed.

Development points

  • Strategic planning
  • Communication image development
  • Image design (logo and slogan)
  • Web development
  • Development and implementation of Social Networks

It is a long-term project, since it involves a strategic development based on branding and web traffic objectives to consequently obtain conversations. The project is carried out with the relevant training so that the company itself manages its own resources.


The company presents positive results in relation to the sale, in addition to the autonomous management based on the tools that facilitate optimal adaptability in the current digital environment.

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